Designing Access: The Challenge

For AIGA’s Chicago Design Week 2017, I collaborated with coworkers at Clique Studios to imagine, design, and facilitate a 2-hour workshop exploring how design can be used to create access for various types of people in an assortment of environments.

Each team was given a specific design prompt to get started. For example: design the experience of visiting a museum for those who may typically feel intimidated by it

Partway through this process, we gave each team a user profile to consider as they continued with their work. For the museum example, the user profile was of an elderly man in a wheelchair whose first language was not English.

We also limited teams to lo-fi materials: paper, markers, scissors, pipe cleaners.

It was fascinating to see what was created within these boundaries. Some were familiar with these processes and some were brand new, so the combination of minds in the room resulted in thoughtful and meaningful solutions.

Collaborators: Lizzie Callen, Fen Slattery, Sue Janna Truscott

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AIGA_Accessibility Event_Cards_Page_1.jpg
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